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  • McNeilus NGEN CNG build-LandOLakes
  • McNeilus NGEN CNG build-LandOLakes
  • McNeilus NGEN CNG build-LandOLakes
  • McNeilus NGEN CNG build-LandOLakes
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  • McNeilus NGEN CNG support
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McNEILUS CNG: Certified. Powerfully Efficient. Cost Effective.

Ngen logo with CNG webMcNeilus compressed natural gas (CNG) powered trucks are built to withstand a rugged environment. Exclusively designed with the operator and service team in mind, our CNG systems are configurable to meet your needs, for any vehicle in your fleet. We're leading the way in offering route-ready, fully-tested, integrated CNG systems.

Our CNG products are part of the company’s NGEN™ initiatives, which promote alternative fuels. At McNeilus, we're leading the drive toward the next generation of vehicle solutions.

Whether over-the-road trucks, delivery, tractor-trailers, or any other heavy duty vehicle, McNeilus can convert your fleet to CNG power.

The McNeilus CNG Advantage

Our exclusive CNG systems are installed, certified and supported by McNeilus.

McNeilus CNG systems are designed, installed and tested by certified technicians. Trucks are fueled at the McNeilus campus and they arrive quickly and ready to work. All of our CNG vehicles meet NFPA-52 Standards.

Superior Service

We've got  your back. Period.

Need to replace components? You'll find them in stock at our service centers across the country. Whether they're tanks, covers, tubing or fuel control modules, you'll find them at a service center nearby. You'll also find personnel trained for 3-year, 36,000-mile FMVSS 304 inspections.

More Options

Extras further raise the standard.

With our CNG configurations, you can specify an excess flow valve to help prevent high-flow release of gas (in case a line is damaged), a higher flow transit fill receptacle and a defueling circuit hose in 25- or 50-foot lengths for easy truck-to-truck or maintenance-required defueling. Front bumper or remote fill locations are also available to meet your fleet's requirements.

Learn more about CNG power
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Download our CNG Mixer brochure. Download our CNG Refuse brochure Download our CNG flier. Convert your entire fleet!