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ZR™ Side Loader


The McNeilus® Zero Radius (ZR) Automated Side Loader arm now offers several enhancements for a smoother, even more productive route.

With a 12-foot extended reach option, drivers can more efficiently navigate cul-de-sacs and other obstructions like parked cars. And that’s just the start. The ZR has added a simplified hydraulic design, new components, and redesigned routings. Other advances include structural body upgrades, solid steel rungs on the mast, new carriage rollers, and an improved joystick – all backed by a new extended warranty.

It’s all designed to improve performance, simplify maintenance, and strengthen reliability.



  • Specifications:

    General Specifications (all models)

     Hopper Floor  3/16" AR400
     Body Floor  10 ga AR200
     Hopper Lower Inner Wall
     3/16" AR400
     Hopper Upper Inner Wall  10 ga GR50
     Hopper Lower Outer Wall  10 ga GR50
     Hopper Upper Outer Wall  12 ga GR50
     Body Walls  AR450 and AR200 laser welded
     Upper Body Skirts  
     12 ga GR50
     Fenders  12 ga GR50
     Body Longitudinals  10 ga GR50
     Hopper Longitudinals  10 ga GR50
     Roof  12 ga GR50
     Follower Guides  10 ga GR50


     Ejector  .25 AR200
     Side and Rear Walls  .125" (.31 cm) AR450
     Post and Bolsters  10 ga ASTM A715 and A607 GR50


     Lifting Capacity  550 lb (249.4 kg)
     Lift Cycle Time  6.5 sec*
     Arm Reach  84" (213.3 cm)
     *Full cycle — from ground to hopper and back to ground  







    Height 100.1" (254.2 cm) 100.1" (254.2 cm) 100.1" (254.2 cm) 100.1" (254.2 cm)
    Length 268.2" (681.2 cm) 288.5" (732.7 cm) 286.2" (727 cm) 306.5" (778.5 cm)