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At McNeilus we have a proud history, and are fueling the future with ongoing innovations and dedicated service.



2014 The M80 Series Drum is added to the mixer product line, offering increased volume, a lower center of gravity and a unique impeller for better mixing.

Command Center touchscreen mixer controls are unveiled.

McNeilus opens its 23rd branch in Denver, CO, with a 24th branch set to come on line in 2015 in the Bronx, NY.

2013 McNeilus Street Smart Vision system adds touchscreen controls, as well as DVR and route management capabilities, to improve fleet operations and efficiency.

McNeilus opens its 22nd U.S. branch location in New Orleans, LA, further improving its parts and service support.

2012 McNeilus unveils new easy-to-navigate and user-friendly website.

Street Smart Parts launches an e-commerce website to make ordering parts easier than ever before.

The McNeilus Split Body Rear Loader is developed for dual-stream refuse collection routes.

2011 The Contender Front Loader refuse vehicle makes its debut with the perfect balance between lightweight and toughness.

Second-generation enhancements are added to the AutoReach® Automated Side Loader.

2010 McNeilus offers its first CNG-powered mixer vehicle, and offers a new Allison transmission for the CNG-powered trucks.
2009 McNeilus develops its own CNG fueling system and launches its Next Generation (NGEN) CNG initiative, an alternative fuels brand.

Command Zone™ multiplexed controls are introduced for refuse products to speed troubleshooting.

The Zero Radius™ (ZR) Automated Side Loader debuts with an advanced yet simple zero radius arm operation.

2008 McNeilus expands Street Smart Parts offerings for non-McNeilus products.
2006 Oshkosh purchases London Machinery, Inc., Canada’s leading manufacturer of concrete mixers. McNeilus and London mixers are found on more than 90% of Canadian jobsites. London offers McNeilus refuse bodies to Canadian refuse fleets and penetrates a majority of Canada’s major haulers by year’s end.
2005 Oshkosh purchases CON-E-CO, a leading manufacturer of concrete batch plants. McNeilus transfers production of its concrete batch plants to CON-E-CO’s Blair, NE, facility, while supporting CON-E-CO through silo manufacturing in Dodge Center.

The high-performance Excalibre™ packing cylinders are made available on all McNeilus refuse bodies.

2002 McNeilus begins integrating the Curotto-Can system into its front loader lineup. And the Automated line grows with the addition of the Manual/Automated Side Loader.
2001 McNeilus Street Smart Parts is formed and reinvents customer support services.
2000 McNeilus develops the state-of-the-art Bridgemaster V® mixer.
1999 The Atlantic Series Front Loader® is introduced for residential and heavy commercial routes.
1998 McNeilus is purchased by Oshkosh Corporation, which specializes in severe duty vehicle manufacturing, including an array of products for defense, municipal and commercial markets.
1997 Roll-offs are added to the product line, and the Pacific Series Front Loader® is introduced.
1996 McNeilus continues to innovate the refuse industry by designing a replacement for the Automator that has a standard pack-and-sweep system. This packer incorporates the first automated arm that articulates both left and right. Named the AutoReach®, this auotmated refuse truck grows in popularity among trash haulers.
1995 The Manual Side Loader is introduced and automated refuse collection begins to take shape.
1993 McNeilus looks to quickly grow its refuse product offerings by building a front loading garbage truck called the Pacstar FL (commonly called the FL93).

The Extra Compaction (XC) Rear Loader also debuts

McNeilus offers a “No Questions Asked” cylinder replacement program and quickly gains market share in the refuse industry.

1991 McNeilus’ Pac Star Rear Loader sets new benchmarks for durability and reliability.
1990 McNeilus introduces a semi-round-walled rear load refuse truck named the SRS, and for the first time exhibits products at Waste Expo.

The Sliding Mixer System (SMS) also makes its debut.

1989 McNeilus introduces its first “square body” rear loader prototype as a means to offset the seasonal manpower demands of the ready-mix business.
1988 McNeilus introduces the innovative Bridgemaster III® mixer.
1987 McNeilus builds its first Batchmaster portable concrete batch plant.
1984 McNeilus starts building the Front Discharge Mixer for Oshkosh Corporation.
1981 McNeilus develops the first Bridgemaster II® Mixer.
1980 McNeilus becomes the most popular concrete mixer brand in America.
1979 McNeilus develops the Bridgemaster I® Mixer for improved weight distribution.
1978 McNeilus introduces the Viking Front Discharge Mixer.
1976 The first McNeilus-brand concrete mixer is introduced.
1973 McNeilus builds its first Stationary Batch Plants.
1970 McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc. is formed.
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