With a team of in-house developers, we’re constantly evolving FLEX Controls to be fully customizable to your fleet, your drivers and your needs. FLEX Controls isn’t just the only factory-direct software system for mixers, it’s the only control system worthy to be in a McNeilus.

From Auto Load at the plant to System Washout after the delivery, FLEX Controls gives you the tools you need to make it easier than ever to get the job of loading, mixing, hauling and delivering done right. Simply put, we’ll handle the concrete, you handle the road.



We are truly honored that the industry continues to recognize our FLEX Controls system and all the hard work our team puts in every day to continue to innovate this product with the customer in mind.


FLEX Controls can help extend the life of your mixer. Easy diagnostics and troubleshooting helps identify issues so you can fix them before they become a bigger problem.


Our FLEX Controls™ with Automatic Washout System removes the need for drivers to climb up and down the ladder to clean out after each pour, to help minimize slips and falls that can occur. Now drivers can get their washout done from the ground, with the simple push of a button.


“In an effort to improve on safety, we made a change to our ready mix truck design and removed the ladder and added a washout system tied to our FLEX Controls. It eliminates the need for drivers to use the ladder to clean out after each load. This removes potential safety hazards like the pinch point created by folding the ladder, fall prevention from ladder or crows nest, and sprains, strains, slips and falls from ladder misuse.”

Brandon Echard, Manager of Ready Mix Plant and Fleet Maintenance – Mid Atlantic Region