training_buttonOur highly trained team provides critical vehicle support and comprehensive services to optimize vehicle life cycle cost and advance the highest level of fleet readiness.

All of our training programs are structured using measurable learning and performance objectives to ensure task and skill set comprehension. From skilled instructors to experienced technicians, Oshkosh provides the highest level of support and sustainment solutions to meet the needs of the ever-changing mission.

Please see our schedule of upcoming classes. Private and custom classes are also available at the Oshkosh Training Center or at your location. Contact the Oshkosh Training Center at 920-233-9331 for more information.

Experienced Personnel Deliver Expert Technical Services

  • Trained instructors provide expert guidance to maximize operator capabilities and ensure fleet readiness
  • Full-time technicians at Oshkosh Regional Support Centers provide emergency support, logistics expertise and technical assistance

Advanced and Customizable Vehicle Training Solutions

  • Blended instruction solutions incorporate classroom, hands-on diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Oshkosh Learning Management System (LMS) offers customizable training programs including e-Learning solutions
  • Training center with 37 acres for vehicle operation and inspection
  • Learning lab with an array of component parts, cutaways and training aids
  • Classrooms with extensive technological resources
  • Standard and customized courses for vehicles across the entire Oshkosh vehicle portfolio
  • Instruction that can go where you go to maximize learning and minimize tuition and travel costs

S-Series Concrete Mixer Training Courses

img_5236-edited-webThis course begins with a complete vehicle familiarization and basic description of key systems. Students quickly move to exploring a variety of topics including maintenance, troubleshooting and repair procedures for the transfer case, front axle, air, drum drive, electrical and load span systems.

In addition, the course covers Detroit, Cummins and Caterpillar engines, Allison transmissions, ABS and Actia Dash, with an emphasis on vehicle electrical and Detroit exhaust after-treatment/DEF injection systems.

Students learn and practice the proper methods of performing in-depth troubleshooting procedures given simulated faults on an S-Series vehicle.

This hands-on approach enables students to accurately use diagnostic software and troubleshooting tools to achieve an accurate diagnosis. Repair procedures for terminals, connectors and general wire repair is explained and practiced.

This training event provides in-depth and up-to-date information that will allow the end user to properly perform maintenance tasks required to keep your trucks up-to-speed.