McNeilus Standard Mixer
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McNeilus Standard Mixer

Chassis and Model Year: Mack

Drum Types: Standard or M80

Drum Size:  10.5 yards or 11 yards

Drum Transmission: PMB7.1 or CML10

Head Thickness: 1/4-inch

Discharge Openings: 42-inch or 46-inch paver

Drum Control Type: Cable, EP & EP Touch options available

Water Tank: Steel, 125 gallon

Hydraulic Motor: Eaton 54 Series

Optional Equipment:

  • Street Smart Vision System
  • Third Chute Extension
  • Vulcan Scales
  • Head Impeller
  • FLEX Controls
  • Electronic controls, RE and EP
  • Lightweight chutes
  • Flip-up hopper
  • SAT hopper
  • Enviroguard washout system
  • Chute wash recovery system
  • Rock buster or chute shutter
Safety signs and conspicuity tape may not be shown in photos,
but will be on all trucks prior to delivery.

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