McNeilus Front Loaders: Taking Care of Business

Learn more about all the models in the front loader line

Atlantic Series Meridian Contender

McNeilus front loaders are built to take care of business, whether it’s demanding commercial routes or dense residential neighborhoods. We offer a range of vehicle options in the front loader product line to meet what you need — from the heavy duty Atlantic Series Front Loader®, to the middleweight Contender®, and the lighter weight Meridian™ Front Loader.

All McNeilus front loaders come standard with McNeilus-exclusive Excalibre™ packing cylinders that feature a patented tool steel shaver and nitrided rods, helping to resist wear and corrosion and drastically reducing hydraulic contamination. Other features and options include the McNeilus CODE™ controls system, available on the Meridian Front Loader and Atlantic Series Front Loader, that puts superior truck diagnostics and troubleshooting at your fingertips.

Both the Meridian and Atlantic Series front loaders offer a clean headframe that boosts serviceability and performance, and keeps hydraulic and electrical components better protected. The Contender brings you durability and optimal payload capacity depending on your application and state weight restriction laws.