McNeilus Organics Package

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A trend is on the rise in the refuse industry, and that’s the increasing demand for organic waste pickup. The McNeilus Organics Package was developed to answer the call for a solution that would allow for better collection and containment of wet, heavy food waste and other organic material.

This exclusive option is available for all McNeilus rear loader models, and can be requested as a retrofit application for trucks already in your fleet.

The unique design and features of this Organics Package have been proven to greatly reduce leaking associated with liquid waste. Check out some of the features and benefits of this option below.

Full Height Tailgate To Body Seal

REL Organics Launch GuideBy increasing the overall height to 96 inches, the extended seal protects against leaks or liquid discharge along the full height of the tailgate. Traditional tailgate seals at 39 inches do not adequately contain liquids from organic material above a certain point.

Sweep Panel Seals And Brush Skirting

A tandem set of sealing components on the sweep panel edges help contain liquids as organic material is compacted. The brush skirting on each seal helps to sweep organic material during compaction.

Leachate Tank

The standard 40-gallon leachate tank and drain port divert liquid from the body and contain it for easier disposal. Other tank options of 50, 60 and 90 gallons are available to fit your specific needs.


Load Edge Extensions

These components attach to the hopper edge, increasing the height to help stop liquid from escaping. They are also designed to allow cart tippers to pass over the extensions.

Optional: Excalibre™ Slide And Sweep Cylinders

McNeilus’ Excalibre™ cylinders can be added as an option to the Organics Package. They help better protect against hydraulic contamination – the number one source of hydraulic failure and downtime. An exclusively designed hardened tool steel shaver keeps corrosive organic material and plastic bags off the cylinder rods, preventing them from passing through the seal into the hydraulic system. The nitrided cylinder rods also resist corrosion and provide intensive protection against abrasion.

Learn More About Organics Collection

Are you ready to let us help you put a lid on organics waste collection? Download our Organics Package Flyer to learn more. Or click here to contact the McNeilus sales representative in your area.