McNeilus Side Loaders: When you need Versatility


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Zero Radius AutoReach Manual/Automated

McNeilus automated and manual side loaders exceed expectations when you need a truck that’s flexible enough to handle the demands and obstacles of almost any kind of residential route. We offer a range of vehicle options in the side loader product line to meet what you need — from Zero Radius™ and AutoReach® side loaders that offer effective, efficient collection with their unique arm designs, to the flexible Manual/Automated side loader that can be used simultaneously as an automated side loader, with an easy-to-operate arm, and a manual side loader for throwing in the “extras” often found along many residential routes.

All McNeilus side loaders come standard with McNeilus-exclusive Excalibre™ packing cylinders that feature a patented tool steel shaver and nitrided rods, helping to resist wear and corrosion and drastically reducing hydraulic contamination. Other features of the side loader line include an advanced paint process that provides superior coverage and quality for a longer-lasting and more durable finish. The McNeilus CODE™ controls system available on the Zero Radius (ZR) Side Loader that puts superior truck diagnostics and troubleshooting at your fingertips, as well as the option to add a cart tipper to the Manual/Automated Side Loader for easier manual loading.

The ZR Side Loader also offers several new enhancements that improve serviceability, boost arm performance and service life, and reduce overall vehicle weight. The AutoReach is one of the strongest side loaders in the industry with an arm lift capacity of up to 2,000 pounds, and the Manual/Automated can also be ordered as a strictly manual side loader.