Get Ready to Kick The Tires. All 18 Of Them.

FLEX Controls™

Easy Precision. Easy Controls. Easy Diagnostics.

  • Reliable, award-winning system with an in-house support team.
  • Simplify the driver experience with onboard diagnostics.
  • Field-proven on McNeilus® rear discharge mixers.

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Improve Operator Assurance

  • Less downtime with faster maintenance.
  • Lower maintenance cost with extended service intervals.

Oshkosh® Double Reduction Front Axle

Move where you want and when you want

  • Superior maneuverability on and off the job site.
  • Reduced weight for improved payload.
  • Field-proven reliability with more than 2 decades of use on Oshkosh Defense vehicles.

Complete LED Lighting Package

Improved operator assurance

  • Better visibility with a brighter and more focused light.
  • Lower overall replacement costs with a longer product life.

Non-Pressurized Water Tank with Hydraulic Pump

Consistent, high-pressure water flow

  • Save time during washdown and increase driver satisfaction.
  • Improved serviceability with a non-pressurized tank.

Improved Serviceability

Less downtime with easier troubleshooting and repairs

  • Routing simplification and improvements.
  • Deliberate component placement for access, durability and replacement.
  • FLEX Controls equipped with easy diagnostics.

Cab Visibility

Widen your field of view for increased operator assurance

  • Maximize visibility with careful placement of components within driver field of view.
  • Full one-piece curved and bonded windshield with no side wing window seam.
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