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Keeping your trucks’ hydraulic fluid in top shape is key to a healthy fleet. Street Smart Contamination Control™ offers the components and solutions needed to monitor and maintain optimal fluid cleanliness.

SCC Cycle Refuse LR

  • 70% to 80% of all hydraulic system failures are directly related to contamination
  • System efficiency can drop by up to 20% before an operator even detects a problem
  • Optimal fluid cleanliness increases component life and lowers operative costs
Excalibre™ Cylinders

McNeilus-exclusive Excalibre™ cylinders help prevent
hydraulic contamination with a patented tool steel shaver,
field-proven seal and nitrided rods that remove problem-causing debris.

Mailhot Excalibre 4

SCC Filtration Station

The Smart Contamination Control (SCC) filtration station provides fast, reliable fluid testing and reports to make maintenance easier and efficient. It features:

  • Touchscreen, interfacing PLC, sensor monitoring and data entry program built in
  • Auto run/auto shutoff target cleanliness filtration and preventive maintenance information
  • Detailed fluid condition reports include ISO fluid cleanliness, percent of water in oil and oil temp
  • High-capacity filter housing using top-load filters with auto bleed valves for easier element service and no air-related faults
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filter maintenance guidelines in one of our manuals.

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