The partner you need.

With McNeilus as your partner, you get the industry’s most extensive network of service centers and certified technicians to help you support the full life cycle of your truck.  In the end, our single goal is to provide you with the parts, service and solutions to keep your trucks running, no matter what makes or models are in your fleet.

Comprehensive Services

Our technicians are factory-trained by the people who build your trucks to help you maintain, repair, refurbish and troubleshoot your trucks. Our services include:


  • Hydraulic and electrical repair and replacement
  • Extensive welding, fabrication and painting capabilities
  • Complete body refurbishing programs
  • Drum removal and replacement in as little as 5 hours
  • Fleet Evaluation Program
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Fully equipped service bays
  • Certified industry-leading technicians
  • CNG certified technicians
  • Mobile support solutions provide on-site assistance

Refurbishment Options

With a variety of repair and refurbishment services available for any make or model in your fleet, we can help you save money, reduce downtime and keep your fleet running strong.

Our refurbishment programs deliver new equipment reliability at a lower cost than buying new. In addition, it includes several options that meet or exceed OEM specifications, ranging from minor repair work to major refurbishments. A complete refurbishment process includes:

  • Replacing the entire mixer with a glider assembly
  • Installing new drum, hopper, collector, chutes and fenders
  • Repairing and updating hydraulic and control systems
  • Painting individual components or the entire chassis and body

NEW: Financing options now available for front and rear discharge mixer refurbishments.

Technical support, the way it should be.

Our experts are available around the clock and at no cost to you.  McNeilus’ technical service representatives offer a combined 137 years’ experience to assist you with anything from a quick shop manual question to more technical troubleshooting.

Call us at 888.686.7278 and select from following options:

Choose 2 for Rear Discharge Mixer

  • 2 for Rear Discharge Mixer Technical Support

Choose 3 for Front Discharge Mixer

  • 2 for Front Discharge Mixer Technical Support

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