streetsmartvision-rgbStreet Smart Vision by McNeilus provides fleet management solutions to improve operations, increase profitability, and provide complete visibility for fleets of all types.  High definition monitors and a comprehensive series of cameras allow drivers a broader view when monitoring their surroundings. The available fleet management software not only empowers managers to track and correct driver behavior; it captures and stores video footage, as well. And, McNeilus will install, service and support the system through its expanding network of service center locations across North America.

In short, we’ve got you covered.

To schedule a demonstration contact Scott Sherva at 507.374.8302.


  • Real-Time Continuous Video Surveillance
  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Route Management Software & DVR
  • Vehicle Systems Diagnostics
  • Fork & Tipper Scale Integration


  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • Complete Visibility Into Truck and Driver Behavior
  • Improved Fleet Operation Performance



The Street Smart Vision 7” monitor features with a high-quality LCD panel for picture clarity and four camera inputs with four triggers for maximum flexibility in any application.

To learn more about the SSV7 package, click here.

SSV7 Extreme

The Street Smart Vision Extreme 7” monitor features a high-quality LED panel for picture clarity, four camera inputs with four triggers, along with G-shock and GPS recording.

To learn more about the SSV7 package, click here.

SSV9 Extreme

The Street Smart Vision Extreme 9” touchscreen monitor is state-of-the-art, and connects up to five cameras (4 recordable-at D1 high definition quality).  The SSV9 monitor addresses driver behavior through GPS, G-Shock, speed, direction and video.  SSV analytics software allows fleet managers to easily monitor fleet behavior and identify high-risk driving or security incidents.

To learn more about the SSV9 package, click here.


Street Smart Vision’s 10.4″ touchscreen monitor, Mobile On-Board Computer and DVR Platform for SSV10 provides a single hardware platform that enables different software options.  It also offers interfaces to third party dispatch, billing, maintenance and other applications.

To learn more about the SSV10 package, click here.

Learn more about the Street Smart Vision offerings.

Street Smart Vision Flyer
Download our Street Smart Service Flyer.

Need additional software?  Download what you need from our options below.

Extreme Seven Monitor Video Codec Executable File
If you are unable to play the Extreme videos from your SD card, simply download and install this application.
Analytics Software for 9″ Extreme System 
Click to download the analytics software for use with your 9″ Extreme camera system.
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