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Our training program is designed to teach technicians what they need to keep your fleet in top condition, increase efficiency and improve your company bottom line. Courses support the safe, reliable and profitable operation of McNeilus trucks. When your technicians are trained for precision, everyone wins.

Who should attend?

Anyone with support responsibility on McNeilus refuse collection vehicles. Including:

  • Service Technicians
  • Training supervisors
  • Shop supervisors
  • Operators

Course Overview

Classes vary in length and include time in the classroom and hands-on trucks. While in the classroom, attendees become familiar with truck systems using a number of tools including detailed colored hydraulic schematics and electrical schematics. Each system is covered using a basic troubleshooting methodology that emphasizes a step-by-step approach and builds upon a solid understanding of hydraulic and electrical principles.

On the trucks, attendees complete hands-on assignments testing and adjusting hydraulic pressures for various systems and practicing calibration steps for electronic controls. Instructors challenge attendees to apply classroom lessons through the diagnosis and repair of increasingly complex problems.

Attendee’s progress is monitored carefully with assessing critical concepts and functions to ensure course objectives are met throughout the session.

2020 Training Schedule*

Sugar Grove, IL
February 11th – Meridian™ Front Loader
February 12th – Rear Loaders

Houston, TX – Cancelled
April 14th – Meridian™ Front Loader
April 15th – Zero Radius™ Side Loader
April 16th – Rear Loader

Lakeland, FL – Cancelled
August 12th – Zero Radius™ Side Loader
August 13th – Rear Loader

Stockton, CA – Cancelled
October 12th – Meridian™ Front Loader
October 13th – Zero Radius™ Side Loader
October 14th – Rear Loader

*Schedule and locations subject to change.

For more information or to register for a course, please contact us at or 888.686.7278.

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