Front loader refuse truck
Arm Lift Capacity
Angled Mid-Post
Body Weight
Clear Headframe
Hopper Access Door
Non-Sliding Tailgate
McNeilus CODE System
Side-of-Body E/H Valves
Excalibre™ Packing Cylinders
McNeilus CNG Tailgate System*
Redesigned Flat Body Floor & Ejector Tracks

*Pictured above: Roof Mount CNG System

  • Rated to lift up to 10,000 pounds
  • Heavy-duty Atlantic model arm style
Refuse truck lift capacity
  • Helps appropriately channel force from the arms, reducing stress in key areas
  • Redirects flow of stresses throughout the body, helping to increase body strength
Refuse truck body strength
  • Reduced weight and maximized payload capacity adds value to your bottom line
  • Base body weight of 17,100 pounds and best-in-class payload capacity
  • Lighter body to handle state and federal weight restrictions
  • Built with durable materials to withstand high payloads day in and day out
Refuse truck body weight
  • Hydraulics and electrical components relocated to prevent damage from engine exhaust and protect them from debris, while also increasing headframe accessibility
  • Moved hydraulics to side-of-body enclosures, making them easier to access and service
  • Electrical components now enclosed in sidewall panel for improved access and serviceability
Refuse truck headframe clearance
  • Largest hopper access door available, making cleanouts easier
  • Full perimeter seal and lower drip edge to help contain liquid materials inside body
  • Improved latching mechanism further increases seal effectiveness
Refuse truck hopper access
  • Creates less wear on tailgate seal
  • Allows operator to lock or unlock tailgate from inside the cab
  • Tailgate props designed for easy deployment and visibility from the cab without obstructing access between the tailgate and body
  • Dual-locking cylinders with tapered pins under tailgate ensure proper locking and unlocking
Refuse truck tailgate
  • A simplified controls system that provides unsurpassed diagnostics and troubleshooting capability
  • More powerful system that reduces hardware requirements and improves usability
  • “Smart” fuse panel integrated with display makes troubleshooting easy, giving location and function of a blown fuse without having to search for it
  • Color-coded wiring, labeled to correspond with information shown on the display, including connector and circuit numbers
  • Startup display screen shows operator pre-trip reminders to ensure vehicle is in optimal condition
  • New joystick provides improved ergonomics and operator comfort
McNeilus CODE controls
  • E/H valves (electronic over hydraulic) provide better control and smoother operation
  • Relocation from headframe to side-of-body enclosures increases accessibility and keeps components away from debris
  • Cleaner routings improve serviceability and decrease potential leak points
  • System eliminates air leaks and improves radiator cooling capacity
Refuse truck E/H valves
  • Salt bath nitrided tubes and pistons provide harder surface (over chrome cylinders) that significantly reduces wear and corrosion while eliminating the potential for nicks and scrapes
  • Tool steel scraper removes any refuse and debris to prevent ingestion into the cylinder seal and hydraulic system contamination
  • Best defense against hydraulic contamination, which is the primary source of hydraulic failures
Refuse truck packing cylinders
  • Helps increase payload capacity and allows for easier service of underbody components
  • Ejector tracks are independent of floor-to-wall interface, making them easier to service as they are not part of the body support—a design feature not available on any other front loader on the market
Refuse truck body floor
  • Pressure Relief Device System provides continuous heat protection that spans the full length of tanks for better defense against localized thermal events
  • McNeilus® Strike Protection provides a sturdy steel covering that protects key CNG components from damage
  • Exclusive design streamlines system with 25 percent reduction in plumbing components and 50 percent fewer fitting connections
  • Toolboxes integrated into tailgate free up space on frame and provide extra storage
  • Pivoting structure makes inspection of tanks and exterior packing surface easier
CNG Refuse truck

*Pictured above: Roof Mount CNG System


McNeilus contributes $5,000 to the NWRA
Women’s Council Scholarship Program

“On behalf of the Women’s Council, we thank Brad Nelson, President, McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, for the generous support of the scholarship program. This is a tremendous gift by a leading NWRA member company that values the men and women who make up this industry. We hope that other companies will consider investing in the future of this industry by contributing to the scholarship program,” said Peggy Macenas, Director, NWRA, Midwest Region and Director of the Women’s Council.
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