Meridian Front Loader

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McNeilus is synonymous with innovation. We build every product with the goal of meeting and exceeding customers’ needs. Cutting-edge technology and the voice of the customer are exactly what went into creating our newest front loader. Meet the Meridian!

It’s lighter in weight, at a base body weight of 17,100 pounds. It’s powerful, with 10,000-pound-rated arms. And it can carry more, at a maximum carrying capacity of 14 tons. Plus, it comes standard with Excalibre™ packing cylinders that provide a harder surface (over chrome cylinders), which resists wear and corrosion, and a patented tool steel shaver and seals drastically reduce hydraulic contamination.

This front loader, available in a 40-cubic-yard body size, provides a perfect balance of performance and versatility for commercial and residential routes. And that’s just the beginning.

Take a look at some of the Meridian’s other features and benefits:

  • Clear headframe means hydraulic and electrical components are kept away from hot exhaust and refuse debris.
  • Hydraulics are mounted in side-of-body enclosures rather than on the headframe for easier access and serviceability.
  • Flat body and hopper floor design provide support for best-in-class carrying capacity.
  • Non-sliding tailgate provides less wear on the tailgate seal, and easier-to-deploy tailgate props that offer improved access.
  • Arm and fork position sensors improve the operator experience and offer greater control.
  • McNeilus CODE™ system provides simplified CAN-based controls with superior diagnostics and troubleshooting at your fingertips. Plus, an electronic proportional commercial or residential joystick.
  • Tailgate CNG is available for Meridian in 60, 75, 90 and 105 DGE capacities, as well as other CNG configurations.


 Arms Down IDLE: 10 seconds
1350 RPM: 8 seconds
 Arms Up IDLE: 9 seconds
1350 RPM: 7 seconds
 Forks Down IDLE: 4 seconds
1350 RPM: 4 seconds
 Forks Up IDLE: 4 seconds
1350 RPM: 4 seconds
 Packer Extended IDLE: N/A
1350 RPM: 17 seconds
 Packer Retract IDLE: N/A
1350 RPM: 6 seconds
 Compaction Force = 119,000 pounds
 Top Door Open IDLE: 8 seconds
1350 RPM: 7 seconds
  Top door Close IDLE: 7 seconds1350 RPM: 7 seconds
  Tailgate Open IDLE: 26 seconds1350 RPM: N/A
  Taligate Close IDLE: 29 seconds1350 RPM: N/A
  * Cycle times may vary slightly
 Arm Side Plate 1/4" grade 80
 Arm Construction  Internal reinforcement
 Fork Construction 1" grade 80
 Hopper Capacity 12 cubic yards
 Hopper Floor 3/16" AR400
 Upper Hopper Sides 0.118" 100 XF
 Lower Hopper Sides 3/16" AR450
 Hopper Width 84"
 Lower Face Plate 1/4" AR200
 Upper Face Plate 3/16" AR200
 Packing Panel Floor Tracks 3/8" grade 100 high-strength steel
 Top and Side Wear Strips 1/4" AR400
 Bottom Wear Strips 5/16" X-wear
 Body Floor 3/16" AR200
 Body Roof 10-gauge AR200
 Body Side Walls 1/8" AR450
 Tailgate Rear Wall  1/8" AR450
Tailgate Side Wall 0.118" 100 XF
 Automatic Locking  Tailgate
McNeilus CODE™ CAN-based controls offer the best technology in the business. (smart fuse panel, complete diagnostics, vehicle status messages and pre-trip reminders)
Electronic Proportional Commercial or Residential Joystick
 Pump Piston, or dual vane or gear, with Pack-on-the-go flow control system
 Control Valves Danfoss PVG, main pressure = 2500 psi
 Oil Reservoir Capacity 50 gallons
 Return Filter 5 micron
 Suction Strainer 100 mesh stainless steel with magnets
 Ejector Cylinder 5/12" 3-stage x 181" 
 Arm Cylinder 4-1/2" bore x 2-1/2" rod x 46" stroke
 Fork Cylinder 3-1/2" bore x 2" rod x 26" stroke
 Tailgate Cylinder 2-1/4" bore x 1-3/4" rod x 35" stroke
Tailgate Lock Cylinder 2-1/4" bore x 1-1/8" rod x 3" stroke
 Packer and components steel shot blasted prior to priming with high solids epoxy primer.
 Finish: Sikkens' Autocoat BT LV650, a high-performance, high solids polyrethane.
Contact your McNeilus representative on specific warranty details. Or for more information, call 888-686-7278.
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