Pacific Series® Ultra Front Loader

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You asked, we listened. We took the voice of our customers and put that to work with more than 100 years of knowledge and industry experience to create the lightest weight and durable front loader on the road – the McNeilus Ultra Pacific Series Front Loader®.

Just some of the engineering advancements include lighter, yet sturdy, forks; lighter aluminum top door and canopy; and rounded hopper and body floors that allow this truck to carry 11 tons while optimizing weight and capacity.

When your routes demand a refuse collection vehicle that can meet stringent weight restriction laws, and still get the job done, GET IN with the Ultra Pacific Series Front Loader. This truck hits the street at less than 16,000 pounds, including common fleet options.


Arm Down AT IDLE: 12 seconds
1350 RPM: 7 seconds
Arm Up AT IDLE: 9 seconds
1350 RPM: 6 seconds
Fork Down AT IDLE: 4 seconds
1350 RPM: 3 seconds
Fork Up AT IDLE: 4 seconds
1350 RPM: 3 seconds
Packer Extend AT IDLE: 24 seconds
1350 RPM: 17 seconds
Packer Retract AT IDLE: 6 seconds
1350 RPM: 6 seconds
Ejector Extend AT IDLE: N/A
1350 RPM: 30 seconds
Ejector Retract AT IDLE: N/A
1350 RPM: 14 seconds
Top Door Open AT IDLE: 11 seconds
1350 RPM: 9 seconds
Top Door Close  AT IDLE: 9 seconds
1350 RPM: 7 seconds 
Tailgate Open  AT IDLE: 15 seconds
1350 RPM: N/A
Tailgate Close  AT IDLE: 19 seconds
1350 RPM: N/A
Fork Torque Tube Construction ASTM 513 grade B
Fork Torque Tube 4" OD with 3/8" wall thickness (DOM round tube)
Fork Tine Construction 1" ASTM A656 grade 80 steel
Arm Construction 3/16" ASTM A656 grade 80 steel
Arm Cylinder Mounts 3/8" 100XF
Arm Torque Tube 5-1/4" OD with 1/2" wall thickness (DOM round tube)
Hopper Capacity 12 cubic yards
Lower Hopper Sides 1/8" AR400
Upper Hopper Sides 100XF
Hopper Floor  3/16" AR400 
Upper & Lower Packing Face 3/16" AR200
Face Support  12-gauge A656 grade 80 welded steel structure
Packing Panel Floor Tracks  1/4" 100XF
Bottom Wear Strips  3/8" Chromium Carbide X-wear
Top Wear Strips  1/4" AR400
Body Floor 10-gauge AR200
Body Side Walls 1/8" AR450 
Cab Shield  .100" aluminum 
Tailgate Rear Wall 1/8" AR450
Tailgate Side Walls .118 100XF
Non-sliding automatic locking tailgate
Command Zone™ multiplex and distributed CAN-based controls offering the best technology in the business - sealed keypads, backlit screens, operator status lights and diagnostic display.
Air or Rabbit Ear Joysticks
Pump Single Gear or Vane with Pack-on-the-Go flow control system
Control Valves VA35
Oil Reservoir Capacity 50 gallons
Return Filter 5 micron
Suction Strainer 100 mesh stainless steel
Ejector Cylinder Mailhot 5.5" telescopic
Arm Cylinder 4.5" double acting
Fork Cylinder 3" double acting
Tailgate Cylinder  3.25" 
Packer and components steel shot blasted prior to priming with high solids epoxy primer
Finish coat Akzo Coating's Sikkens high solids acrylic urethane
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