Standard Rear Loader

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Looking for a refuse vehicle that sets the bar for all others? Find it here with the top workhorse in the industry. You’ll get reliable performance and one of the most versatile rear loading refuse trucks, with features and options, such as a container tipper kick bar for commercial pickup and cart tippers for residential routes, to make collection easier. Our rear loader design also requires less maintenance over the competition, such as fewer lubrication points on the tailgate and self-lubricating slide shoes.

The McNeilus Standard Rear Loader is the ultimate go-to refuse vehicle. It is the most requested, productive and dependable rear loader for residential and light commercial routes.


Compaction Cycle 16 seconds
Sweep Extend 4 seconds
Sweep Retract 2 seconds
Slide Extend 3 seconds
Slide Retract 7 seconds
Ejector Extend (in seconds) 20 yard: 12; 25 yard: 20; 28 yard: 27;
32 yard: 33
Ejector Retract (in seconds) 20 yard: 13; 25 yard: 28; 28 yard: 30;
32 yard: 40
Tailgate Open 30 seconds
Tailgate Close 18 seconds
Compaction 900 pounds per yard (depending on refuse density)
Floor 3/16" AR200
Roof 10-gauge AR200
Side Walls, Front Section (ejector area) 10-gauge AR200
Side Walls, Rear Section (compaction area) 1/8" AR450
Hopper Capacity 3 cubic yards
Hopper Floor 3/16" AR200 (standard)
1/4" AR200 (optional)
Slide Face Plate 3/16" GRD 50
Sweep Face Plate 1/4" AR200
Packer Edge Strip 1/4" GRD 50
Tailgate Walls 3/16" AR200
Wear Strips 1/2" x 3" 1044 steel
Tailgate Seal Height 50"
Mechanical controls with integrated control panel
Pump Make/Model Single gear or Vane with Pack-on-the-Go flow control system
Control Valves Primary; Parker VA35 with Smart-Pak®
Oil Reservoir 20 yard: 40 gallons, 25–32 yard: 50 gallons
Filter Parker 40 CN, 100 mesh suction strainer
Ejector 6-1/4" bore x 5-3/4" rod x 88-3/4" stroke (20 yard, 3 stage), 7-1/2" bore x 7" rod x 119-1/2" stroke (25 yard, 4 stage)
Slide 4-1/2" bore x 3-1/2" rod x 32-1/2" stroke
Sweep 4" bore x 3" rod
Tailgate 2-7/8" bore x 2-1/2" rod x 32-1/2" stroke
Packer steel shot-blasted prior to priming with Akzo Coating's high-solids epoxy primer and acrylic urethane
Contact your McNeilus representative on specific warranty details. Or for more information, call 888-686-7278.
Hopper work lights
Strobe light
Camera-assist lights
Peterson smart lights
Clear coat
Fire extinguisher/bracket
Auxiliary axles (call for application)
Camera systems — single, dual, and triple
Mud flaps — front and/or rear
Decals (call for pricing)
Plastic shovel
Paint colors
Reeving cylinder
Cart tipper
Container tipper (kick bar)
Broom and shovel holder
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