ZR™ Side Loader

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The McNeilus® Zero Radius (ZR) Automated Side Loader arm now offers the ultimate in accessibility. This versatile side loader’s true Zero Radius arm allows you to get through narrow streets, tight alleyways and low clearance obstacles with ease.

With a12-foot extended reach arm option, drivers also can more efficiently navigate cul-de-sacs and obstructions such as parked cars. Other advances include our exclusive McNeilus CODE system. This simplified CAN-based control system provides complete vehicle diagnostics at your fingertips, from inside the cab. And it offers an integrated smart fuse panel, reduced hardware requirements, pre-trip reminders, status messages and much more!

It’s all designed to improve performance, simplify maintenance, and strengthen reliability.


Arm Out 2.5 seconds
Arm In 2.5 seconds
Arm Up 3 seconds
Arm Down 3 seconds
Grabber Open 1.5 seconds
Grabber Close 1.5 seconds
Packer Cycle 16 seconds (+/- 10%)
 Arm lifting capacity = 550 pounds
 Arm reach = 6 feet (standard), 12 feet (optional) 
Ejector Extend (to end of body) 27 seconds
Ejector Retract (to home position)  13 seconds 
Top Door Up  1.5 seconds 
Top Door Down  1.5 seconds 
Tailgate Open  16 seconds 
Tailgate Close  18 seconds 
Arm Construction Tube Grade 500B Tube
Arm Style Zero Radius -- ideal for demanding commercial routes riddled with tight spaces and tough obstacles
Hopper Capacity (w/top door down) Largest in the industry at 4.8 useable cubic yards
Hopper Walls 3/16" AR400
Hopper Floor 1/4" AR400
Lower Packing Face 1/4" AR200
Packing Panel Follower 10-gauge Grade 50 high-strength steel
Track & Wear Strips Chromium Carbide X-wear
Body Floor 3/16" AR200
Body Walls  AR450 and AR200
Roof  12-gauge GR50
Tailgate Rear and Side Walls .125" AR450
Eight-point automatic locking tailgate
Command McNeilus CODE™ simplified CAN-based controls offer the best technology in the business. (smart fuse panel, complete diagnostics, vehicle status messages, pre-trip reminders and more!)
Electronic proportional controls
Pump Piston Type: pressure-flow compensated, PTO-mounted
Control Valves Proportional Electric/Hydraulic
Oil Reservoir Capacity 50 gallons
Return Filter 5 micron-in tank
Suction Strainer 100 mesh stainless steel
Ejector Cylinder Multistage
Arm Cylinder Hydraulic Motor Driven
Tailgate Cylinder  25" x 38" stroke
Packer and components steel shot blasted prior to priming with high solids epoxy primer
Finish coat Akzo Coating's Sikkens high solids acrylic urethane
Contact your McNeilus representative on warranty details.For more information,go tohttps://mcneiluscompanies.com.